clue for newbie?

-- Last Updated: Nov-21-09 10:30 AM EST --

Are there any old timers here who might know what, and/or how old this is? Thanks in advance.... hopefully

Linky no worky

How about a pic…
That we don’t have to register to view…

Put your picture on Web shots or equal and then post the link to it.



looks like a URL
that doesn’t work. Probably fairly recent.To the layman just a bunch of letters and backslashes…

2nd attempt
Okay, maybe this link will work…

post some stats

Can’t tell much from the dark fuzzy photo so you’ll need to post some stats and/or more pics.

– material (does it look like fiberglass? plastic?)

– approximate weight (bathroom scale would be fine) this will help determine the material

– length and width at cockpit, also height from floor

– can you take a shot from the side and also upside down?

– can you shoot a closeup of inside the cockpit?

Might be easiest to post an album on Flickr (only takes a couple minutes to register and it’s free). Then anyone could see your link.