clueless on purchasing a kayak

I want to purchase a kayak for a couple of uses. I understand one boat cannot do it all, but i would like for it to as much as possible. I want to paddle some slow rivers and lakes but also some class 1-2 ww. Also, I would like to have some storage room for day-floats maybe even overnighters. Any suggestions?

Prijon Yukon
Have a look at

What about Decked Canoe
What about one of those decked superior canoes? What are they called? I think Mad River is/was making them. They have a center seat that can be lowed or raised depending on whether you want to paddling with a single-blade canoe paddle or a double-bladed kayak paddle.

Sit-On Top

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I have four kayaks and I find that for the mixed use application, a SOT (sit on top) design is ideal for what you describe. Why:

They are easy to get in and out of and work well in surf and in Class I-II rapids.
They are easy to paddle and sit higher on the water so you can manuever easily.
They can accomodate a lot of different sized people and are usually very comfortable.
The boats are much more stable. You can fish and photograph without any constraints.
The open hull design allows you stack your gear deep and high. You could easily pack enough gear in dry bags for an overnighter.

Wilderness makes several really cool designs.

I have a couple SOTs and my friends who are new to kayaking love them. It gives them a good introduction to the paddling and reduces the fear of the dreaded "roll."


One fine boat.

Boat selection
Prijon Combi Tour 359. A great all around choice! It has a large rear hatch with watertight storage, a nice day hatch, well outfitted, easy to roll, and VERSATILE! I’ve had mine in Class II+ WW, calm lakes, wind driven 2-3 ft whitecaps and she’s handled it all flawlessly! By the way, I’m a 2yr kayaker, but I do 6-8 hours a week every week from April till November, 6’2" 200#. And the plastic is the best quality out there. Hope this helps!

Welcome to the sport. I concur with paddlenaround. A sit on top is probably the way to go. I have several boats, but my sit on top is a Necky Dolphin; it is a good all around boat (I fish and surf in it), you can check the product reviews here on it.

The problem may be finding one to paddle. Necky is not making them anymore.

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