Clues to weather changes on the water

Interested as to what are some reliable yet subtle signs to predict weather shifts while out kayaking?

Aside from carrying a weather band radio, obvious storm fronts moving in with accompanying wind, lightning and thunder, what clues should one watch for?

Thank you ahead for your response, Cheers Mark

Look around …
…if you get a sudden wind shift… like 90 degrees or more…

also looking forward
to other’s responses, but for now:

-rely on more than your eyes

-feel the air temp change

-listen to the weather channel

-know how to read the clouds (check out this link, it’s a good one:


weather signs
Neither of these will help much on a day paddle, but for longer trips look for “mackeral skies”, striated bands of clouds which are an excellent predictor of an approaching front. And the old “red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning” is a good indicator too.

barometric pressure
is also a good indicator of improving or deteriorating weather, but again, it is on a longer scale, over time and indicates trend.

you also need a baro feature on a watch to monitor.

truth is, this question requires a really long and detailed response given the complexity of the subject. many books address it well. also your particular paddling region will have it’s well known weather features and sailors, fishermen, etc, will be versed. good of you to ask- keep doing so, especially those mariners in your region.