coaming edge

i was wondering if anyone had found any material to cover and protect the edge of a composite cockpit coaming???

i was specifically wondering if the stuff that salamander offers for wood paddles would protect the edge and provide a lip for the skirt to seal against better???

any thoughts???

-tired of losing skin when i put my skirt on and catch a tiny bit of thumb under the bungee…

Round off
The sharp edges with some 400 grit sandpaper…

If that’s what is doing it…

I have sanded coamings
also to make them smoother. When you get it as smooth as you like you can use a paint pen to touch it up.

Go to K mart or wally world and in the automotive dept, I am not sure what it is called, but for lack of a better term, I’ll call it “car door protector”.

It is a small vinyl edging and one length of it should do.

It works great and stays on good.



Think Jack has name right …
some of this stuff even had a bead of hot-melt glue in it. If the coaming is cut square, thy sanding it with 100 or so first to get a little more round , then hit with 400 … do both over and under sides too … watch your fingers and don’t slip… ugly cut.

And Epoxy The Edge Afterwards

i had sanded the dang thing…but i have lost more small chunk of skin off of my knuckles because of this than anything else…urgh…

just thought that the rim might make a better seal because it makes more of a lip for the skirt…


JackL’s Trim
works well, I have seen it in action. In terms of sealing liv2paddle told me a long time ago that the only skirt he has seen that is water tight is a neo skirt. I had two vinyl skirts thinking that they were easier and cooler. I was wrong on both accounts and liv2paddle was right.

Happy Paddling,


i only use all neo skirts…
but i do not feel comfortable using a rubber rand (vs bungee) skirt on a composite boat…

i have found that bungee leaks a wee bit more than a rubber randed one (in my experience)…

just looking to add a little more conatc of skirt to boat to seal it…


I remember
seeing some expoxy based stuff to dip tools in to create rubbery grip surfaces. I wonder if application would help to create tighter seal.

I am not familiar with a rubber rand so I can’t compare. I may be just plain lucky as my current neo skirt is my only neo skirt, but my Snapdragon all neo does not leak. It uses a sewn in bungie to go over the coaming. The skirt has kept me dry while learning to do rolls, learning to do surf launches and landings through breaking waves at the beach, and generally provides good service.

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