coaming wax?

I just bought a new sprayskirt for my Prijon Kodiak. The fit seems to be nice and snug, especially forward to back, but I noticed when I was practicing my sculling brace that one side of the skirt detached slightly from the coaming.

Does anyone have experience using coaming wax? I’m wondering if this skirt can be made to stick to the coaming or if I need to pick up another brand. I know that some brands advertise their sticky rands that supposedly stick well to plastic coamings.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

doesn’t fit right
wax? wouldn’t that make it slip OFF?

Seen it a million times. get a different skirt.


This stuff

But yeah, I guess the skirt is just not the right fit.

Try this

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use some 40 grit sand paper on the underside of the coaming, parallel to the edge. As for wax, get some Sex Wax, surfers use it on their boards, sticky stuff, it helps.