Coastal Charts of Erie - Ohio

I know I’ve seen messages refering to coastal charts of Lake Erie, and I recall trying to download some of them with no success.

Can’t find the reference in the archives, so can someone point me in the right direction and/or website?

Also, is there some trick to getting these charts and printing out the areas I’m interested in?

Try I look here when I’m doing research for paddling trips. Play with the site, it’s kind of fun. I think you can order the maps you want when you get it narrowed in.

Please re-post if this is helpful?

great site
wow great posting, this is definitley going to be the first site i check when i plan a paddling trip.

Nope, but I like it too
Not the site I remember being at, but this one is good too.

The one I was looking for - - I believe was part of a Government Agency.