Coastal GA

I’m wanting to get a kayak to use for crabbing more so than fishing. I’m very new to kayaking and have only done it a handful of times on vacation in FL. With in the area we have the Ogeechee River and of course the Atlantic Ocean. I’m wanting to use the kayak for crabbing, holding storage for camp gear, as I will be using it to get to an island to camp for on the weekend, and to take my dog with. What type of kayak would you recommend? Any comments would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


Coastal kayak
I’m from Coastal Georgia myself but I now live in Acworth about 30 miles north of Atlanta. These guys are my friends and I own one of each of their boats a Splash 1 and a Splash 2. You will not find a more solid well laid out boat for the money.