Coastal Tours

Hi everyone, looking for suggestions today.

I’m generally a flatwater paddler, but I’m interested in trying out some coastal kayaking with a guide and the ability to rent the boat/gear. I live in central CT and was thinking about finding a tour company somewhere in the Mystic or Niantic area. Well, actually anywhere I suppose!

So, does anyone have any experience with an outfit like this? I would love to hear about it and am open to any reccomendations.



Oh sure

Atlantic Kayak Tours runs a very nice day trip in the Mystic area. Depending on conditions it can be relaxing or thrilling :slight_smile: In fact, they run a bunch of tours along the CT coastline.

An even more interesting trip is in the Thimble Islands area.

Check them out at


hit up for more info

Coastal touring changed everything
You sound a lot like me. Up until last year, I had paddled pretty much on quiet lakes and calm rivers. Then I decided to take a sea kayaking trip and a whole new world opened up. Suddenly my Wilderness Systems Pungo 100, which was fine for me, felt like an overly wide and slow slug. This Sunday I’m picking up a Necky Manitou 14. I have no plans to give up the quiet stuff (I love sitting and relaxing and observing wildlife and scenery), but coastal kayaking is very exciting. Actually, I found it frightening for the first 2 days before I really got into it. I really took a plunge, from never having sea kayaked to going on a 5 day tour of Cape Breton (, if you’re interested).

I hope you learn to love it as I did.