cobra eliminator - beginner fitness yak?


I’m an active sea kayaker and will probably always enjoy that segment of kayaking the most. But I was considering a fitness kayak for a bit more speed. I’m not ready to commit myself to a surf ski or make a large financial commitment yet.

My question is, thoughts on the Cobra Eliminator to fill this bill? I paddle a Greenlander and wonder whether I’m going to notice significant gains in performance in day (unloaded) paddling?

for what it’s worth
you could find a used ski for less money than an eliminator. a lot lighter, a lot faster, a lot more rough water capable.

if you’ve got a good deal on a used eliminator, though, it’ll be a good start.


Did a quick test paddle on an Eliminator
Lot more twitchy than a Greenlander, even more so than a FuturaII ski I had.

You should check ebay, theres one on there now…

Maybe what prompted the question NM