Cobra Expedition : hatches

Hi everyone

I have a Cobra Expedition. It has the small day hatch behind the seat and then a larger A-shaped hatch behind that.

I noticed that it leaks.

I generally use it for a few hours and for freediving from so have not been too bothered by this.

However I would like to have a drier hold as I might plan a few paddle only trips (no diving - maybe over nighters - ie more gear in the hold).

From leaving it out in the rain in the garden I am pretty sure that the leak is around the fitting of the hatch and not with the hatch seal.

I was planning on getting some silicon sealant and squiting it around the outside of the hatch where the hatch joins the hull and also doing this on the inside.

Is there a better way ? Any other advice ? Any other Cobra owners with this wetness ?!



Cobra hatches
All cobra hatches leak a little. I have 5 Cobras and we just use dry bags for items we want to keep dry.