Cobra Expedition questions.

There are several reviews with complaints about leaking hatches. Has Cobra fixed that?

How necessary is the rudder?

I just got a very used one.
Mine is so old it was made in the USA. I think it is a 1194 model. It doesn’t need the rudder to turn it. It turns like most other sea kayaks just put it on an edge and it turns. It turns much better than a Current Designs Solstice GTS but it is not quite as fast.

The hatches leak a little but with some newer seals I think they will be fine. I’ve had leaky hatches on most of my boats. If you take them in the surf or practice in rough water you are going to have some leakage. I’ve gotten about a quart of water at the most.SO I’d expect I could get a gallon if I went all day in really rough stuff.

Hatch repair so far so good.
I talked to the folks at Cobra and have worked on my center hatch and it seals well now. If it stays working this well through the summer then I would not hesitate to get my next one with all the hatches.

I’ll keep you posted.