Cobra Fish 'n Dive

I currently own the Pungo 12.0 Fisherman and love it. I am also considering the purchase of a SOT kayak, and from what I read, the Cobra Fish n’ Dive looks like the one. I am looking for a stable platform for freshwater lakes. Any feedback on the Cobra would be appreciated and also any alternative suggestions.

The Fish N Dive paddles like a slob on the water. There no glide when you stop paddling the FnD stops dead in the water. Take a look at the Ocean Kayak Drifter it’s as stable as the FnD but it has a lot of glide and is much easier to paddle.

out to pasture when it comes to on-water performane. It’s almost as stable, too!

Well, hold on there, pardnuh -there’s the Prowler.

It’s faster AND more stable AND more utilitarian than the Scupper Pro. The tankwell will fit an SUV, the layout is primo for any number of different fishing setups, I’ll bet you could stand up & pole the thing if you had to, and it’s a fast mainline SOT, too!

A Tarpon 160 is a great boat, but sans a TW it falls short in the utilitarian features department. The T140 is a pretty good one, TOO!

And of course, there IS the Old Pro…

Any of these 3 will out-just about everything your FnD.

But it’s your choice. Indeed , you may not even HAVE a choice! In THAT case, the FnD may be the greatest thing since sliced bread…

See if you can test paddle any of these boats-that’s usually the 1st step in coming to an at least a LITTLE informed opinion, not just dealing in a bunch of assumptions, recommendations from strangers like me, and 1 priori reasoning.

That way, you get a little ‘seat time’ to let you know the really BAAAAAAAD points before you purchase and

Paddle on!

-Frnak in Miami

Is a pig on the water. Plenty stable, but little glide and slower than molasses in January. The Drifter is a decent boat, pretty wet but easier to paddle than the FnD. The Scupper Pro TW is a great boat. Fast, stable and easy to manuever. Huge hatch up front to store tons of gear. Nice size tankwell. Tarpon 140 is about the same sans the monster cargo hatch up front. Cobra Tourer would be a better choice if you want a Cobra boat.

not so fast
The fish and dive is not only one of the most stable boats on the market but carries more pounds of gear than any other boat its length.

It is not a slob but as fast as many less stable boats on the market.I have proven that over and over when out with a group of other fisherman and I always am first when we move to another spot paddling against strong saltwater currents.

In a recent 7 mile race for charity in Brigantine I finshed first on a tourer but 2nd place went to a guy on a fish and dive. There was about 60 people in the race on a variety of different styles and brands of yaks. Yes I have good paddling technique but I am not in the greatest shape. The tourer tracks lousy is to long and its storage capacity isnt in the same league with the f&d. Sorry to give you conflicting advice but please demo all the above mentioned boats before you buy and then report back on your decision.


Malibu Pro Ex
the Pro Explorer is a good boat along the lines of the FnD, a bit faster and lighter it does give up some deck space but has a huge internal storage capacity.

If you’re not looking to cover vast distances (even though it can be done) you might check it out.

No better boat out there right now than the eXtreme, though. :smiley: