Cobra Strike leg straps and seat back?

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I'm getting a Strike from a fellow pnetter. It does not have leg straps or seat back. I know I want the leg straps. What do you think of these? I've used curved ones in the past and loved them. Anyone have experience with this brand.

Anyone tried the leg straps sold by Cobra? They don't have a very good picture of them on their site.

Also, not sure if I need a seat back or not. I've always used them when paddling a Kaos. Should I just go ahead and get a seat back or do some of you like it better without?

I’m qualified to comment
because I do not own a SOT and have never paddled one. That makes me as qualified as 50% of all P-Net responders! (Opinions are like as* ***** and all that)

Unledd you have six-pack abs, I would think that the seat back is absolutely necessary. You can always lean it back in the Lay-Z-Boy configuration when you need to nap.


24 pack abs?
… better get the back band …

Seadart will probably be the highest

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qualified to answer you questions .....

Stuff to consider ..... Seaairsports made the original straps for Cobra AND the quarterback seat backs which worked perfect and did not get in the way IMO. So no doubt their new ones will be the best thing for the Strike and will be money well spent. Once the designing and R&D was sorted out, Cobra summarily dropped them like they have done with other vendors. I once was told by the very owner of Cobra. " Eh you know what R&D stands for to us ? Ripoff and duplicate ! '

Seaairsports make uncompromised products with pride right here in San Diego.

Are You Planning On Surfing…
with this. If so, I say don’t bother with the seatback. It just gets in the way of making torso rotation needed for making quicker and more aggressive cutbacks on a waveface. Treat it like a waveski – really an very surf specific SOT in a way – and make/get a good seat pad that keeps the butt firmly in place but allows good torso rotation. My seat pads are contoured to the shape of my butt. The front, back and sides of the pad are higher than the middle to lock my butt in place.

Yes. It helps to have strong abs to surf without the seatback for extended periods.


yes, I got it for surfing

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any particular seat pads you like sing?

Sounds like you make your own out of minicell? If so, what do you use to adhere it to poly?

Yeah, But Not Much Help For You…

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I always have 4' square sheets of 1" minicell foam in the basement. Pretty much customize my seat pads (and other kayak outfitting):

Weldwood cement in the red can.


thanks onno
Sounds like the right company to buy from.

I love that pic
beautiful skis and professional job on the seats.

Cobra Strike
A buddy of mine as well as myself have been surfing Strikes for two or three summer now. We both have thigh straps and seat backs. The straps on the skis are the original Cobra gear. They work great, well padded, long enough for good support with one complaint. The snap hook and adjusting buckles nearest your feet can dig into your shin a bit. In a good wipe out, it might leave a bruise or tear the skin, but no big deal. I did buy a set of straps for my yakboard from and am quite pleased with them. The buckles are placed on the padded area and they weren’t very expensive either.

On the back support. Well what can I say. My buddy has had a bad back in the past, so he uses a highback Hobie seat. I use a lower profile backband which came with the Strike. I find it gives you something to push against while piling down a face and helps the thigh straps stay on the thighs in case you slide back.

Now, I think this is personal preference. But I can eskimo roll without having the backstrap interfere. If your not wearing a wetsuit and you are practicing rolling, it can give you a bit of a rash at the love handles.

You may notice that the bottom of the ski will dent in a bit in front of the seat. I installed a proper sealed hatch and installed them on both skis. I then wedged foam where the dent occurs and haven’t had a problem since. The dent does seem to effect the handling of the ski.

I hope this is of some assistance.

Cobra Strike
While I’m commenting. I might as well note that the installation of the hatch also made it easy to replace the plastic loops where you install the seat straps and thigh straps.

These will break, at the least convenient time at that. I have replaced a number of them with stainless loops using stainless machine screws, nuts and large washers (on the inside). Gob them up on the inside with Proseal sealant and your good to go.

Your not supposed to put a hatch in according to the manufacturer, but haven’t seen thier reasoning yet.

The smaller fin surfs better with better manouverability. The large fin seems to be for sled runs into the beach.

This is one great boat for surfing. I won’t get tired of it soon.

Thigh Straps and Seat

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The original Thigh Straps that came with our Strike Lasted about a year, my son's friend ripped both of them apart in a rather spectactuar wipe out. I think I'm using the brand sold by Ocean Kayak but I'm not sure they might be Mountain Sports.

The backband seat is a good idea for keeping you in the kayak, I use a butt pad made for waveskis and cut holes in it for the scuppers to drain. But I do really think after a lot of experimenting that the backband gives you a lot better control of the Strike and allows you to stay in the thigh straps to roll (sometimes anyway) so I use both a thick butt pad and a back band. The raised butt-pad actually improves your ability to carve turns --- but you may feel a bit less stable. I've tried with and without the backband and with some other sizes, but went back to the original cobra backband seat.

Skip the hatch for surfing, sooner or later it will fail in heavy surf. Use blind rivets to atttach the strapeyes. Very easy to fix once you get the hang of it.

Cobra Strike stuff
I’ve never had a hatch pop or come out. I have put them into three boats, and I have had some good tumbles. Nor am I a light weight. So some serious pressures have been exerted.

I would not use the pop in type hatches as they probably will pop out. I only use the twist in type. Like those used one sailboats. Some even have a small bag which is placed on a ring in the hatch. A great place to put keys or small articles like sunscreen.

My buddy also has a Kaos and it comes with a hatch. Very handy.

I think the original fittings are put in with blind rivets and they seem to hold pretty darn good. It’s usually the fitting which breaks not the anchor. I haven’t given them a try. But I guess I should. I want to put a loop on the rear of the ski to allow the attachment of a leash. And I can’t reach this location through my hatch.

I find that the back band does allow you to “lock” yourself in the boat better. But again, I guess it’s what you get used to.

We’ve had a lot of fun with these machines.

Surf to Summit
I checked my Thigh Straps on the Strike they are Surf to Summit. The brass hardware on these is not the best but they have lasted a long time.

thanks for all the help
I’m definately going with the back band. And, I’ll have to take the time to shop for the suggested leg straps.

I’ve got some time till I surf it next summer. That is unless Mike McCrea thinks he might run her down to the ocean for a spin. In that case, I’ll get some before Raystown so he has them to take along home.