Cobra tourer who knows about it?

I am thinking of purchasing a Cobra tourer. I am trying to find out about it but everywhere i read about it like on the reviews everyone has good things to say about it. IT didn’t get anything lower then a 7. Who knows of the drawbacks of the tourer? I know the cockpit gets wet a lot but that doesn’t hear anyone here in Fl where its hot as hell 11 months a year.

Also what is the MSRP of the Cobra Tourer?


The only thing i have found on it is on Sit on Top, or something like that. Said it was a good boat, but stays full of water unless you are moving fast. I think its a cool "Looking boat, would love to try it Head to Head with my Tarpon -160.

you see
you see thats just my beef with the 160. I would be out there buying it tomorow if their was a tank well on it. I want a go anywhere do anything kinda boat that can hold a lot of gear. The tourer looks like it has it.Everyone says goodthings about it and I can not find the negatives about it. The tarpon would be a great boat but there is no outside storage. Didn’t someone say theres going be a new Tarpon 160 outside in Feb? IS there any truth to it?

The specs look good, but I just can’t get past the feeling the plastic in this boat is kind of brittle.

Have your ever actually seen one?

yea but haven’t paddled one. I can’t find a dealer close to me that demos them. I was hoping to find one used.

Ace Performers of Ft. Myers has them, and I was looking into them as well, but was turned off by the fact they charge extra for the hatches. The weight seems better than the T160, but for overall value, I like the Tarpon better.

Yea the extra money for hatches is such bull. I understand extra for a rudder but hatches? come on. Hey Sailor how did you hold up for Charley? I hear you guys got it pretty bad I also heard sanibel or maybe it was captiva island split because of the storm.

I would like the T 160 but there is no outside storage.

Just get some bungee cord, and you will have plenty of out side storage!!

Hang tight,WS will have the new T-160 with a TW and improved seat on the market in a few months.This is a done deal,not a rumor.Good luck!

thats good

still here

We in Ft.Myers held up pretty good in Charley, only lost power for five days. Northern Captiva was cut in half, but the rest of Sanibel and south Captiva was intact. Still only residents and contracters allowed on the island. I haven’t paddled or fished for a month now.

Frances scared us , but now Ivan is coming the same track as Charley. We are all in shock, and frankly, stressed out. I am tired of trying to figure out where I am going to hide from these storms.

ON top of everything else , I am looking for work, and the internet is key. With out power, it makes it even more difficult.

Good luck with your choice on the kayak.


Perception makes a SOT about
the size of the T160 /Cobra and it has a TW in the rear.Good looking boat. I have a Tarpon, but would get the Perception for the TW.

Cobra Tourer
I had to sell my Tourer last year due to financial hard times, but was lucky enough to buy it back from the fellow I sold it to this summer. I posted one of the positive reviews - I think mine is the latest one you’ll see.

I bought a Prowler this Spring thinking it would compensate for my Tourer, but I have to say that I just overall like the Tourer better. It has more room in the cockpit area for my feet and legs (my biggest beef with the Prowler), and the storage is incredible - not just one hatch up front but one in the back as well, with a tankwell to boot.

The Tourer I would say is just about as fast as the Prowler, but with a little bit of hull slap, that’s its only drawback - it doesn’t bother me at all.

They are pretty expensive, with all the hatches and rudder, about $1,200. I was lucky enough to get a new one from Cobra when the used one I bought had a defect. You don’t see too many around - I love mine.

Man I was hoping it was faster then a prowler, on “paper” it should be. As I think the tarpon is faster then the prowler, and I wanted another SOT that was expedition capable that was “potentially” faster then it. I still want to test one…

You might want to look at the Heritage Expedition.Its really more of a touring SOT like the T-160 than a fish’n yak but its very fast.Good luck!

Cobra Tourer
My opinion is on paddling both the Prowler and the Tourer is that they are pretty close in speed. When I sold the Prowler, the transducer for my Lowrance depthfinder went with it, so I’m real curious when I mount the new one how they compare. I will post the results as I got a good reading on the Prowler on the GPS half of my sonar/GPS. I know the Tourer will move out when you apply the effort - I almost bought a Cobra Expedition when I was going with a fishing yak, but the Tourer had better overall “fishability”, meaning stable + fast :slight_smile: