Cobra Triple

I’ve been trying to find a Cobra Triple for sale in Northern Fl or Souther GA. I’m interested in either new or used.

Could anyone suggest a retailer or individual who has a Triple for sale?

It would be appreciated.



I will ! Go to Cobras web site

– Last Updated: May-25-07 11:01 AM EST –

and go to find a dealer, Type in my zip code, 59845 and you will se all my contact info. I am the only one in my region still ! I drop ship any where.

Make sure the ad women come with it.

The ad woman is on my lap !
Just joking ! By the way Cobras Quad was discontinued. And oh my god they took down their message board, Someone hacked it or just filled it up with porn and total filth. I guess they don’t have time to keep fixing one persons attempt to trash their boards.

Since you have some time,
you might take a look at the FeelFree TriYak.

I have one, and guarantee that it will not let

you down in any way.

Either triple SOT will meet your needs well.

Where can I find info?
Do you know if there is a website or another way to check one out? This is the first I’ve heard of them.



Here is the link -

They were selling on ebay, where I bought mine last winter in a bidding auction. They stopped the auctions, and are still available via ebay, although at list price and nominal shipping.

When I bought mine, I picked it up at a trucking terminal, wrapped in bubblewrap, and undamaged.

Their marketing tactics changed to abandon the auctions, and they are now selling via dealers, and at list price on ebay. When they were selling them via auctions, some people were buying several, and now I wish I had bought another, as the prices were close to half of the list prices. That is now history. Do a search in ebay on “feelfree” and you’ll see them. They sold over 3,000 models on Ebay, with over 99% favorable reviews.

There are a few reviews on pnet, including mine, and some reviews on other sites here and there. All are very positive. The paddling performance is very good, and if you use Onno paddles and Crazy Creek III air seats, you’ve got a superb paddling craft.

The Cobra Triple is a little longer and wider, so you can think about what is more important.

Would be interesting to try both Triple SOTs.

Good luck, and Happy Paddling!

After your sticker shock
then give me a call !