Anyone know someplace where you can demo a Cobra Eliminator or Expedition? Preferably close to Huntsville, AL. I would really like to try them out.

Go to the Cobra website
and click on Dealers. Enter your zip code. The site will display the closest dealers. You can contact them and see if any will do so for you.

Good luck.

Appreciate that
But I already did. They listed two dealers, and neither one of them has the Eliminator or the Expedition. As a matter of fact, one of them doesn’t even carry Cobra anymore. I wish that the Dealer search engine would allow you to change the radius of the search. I also e-mailed Cobra a while ago but haven’t gotten any response.

Ain’t no good…
havin’ a skinny boat…if yer BUTT hangs over the edges, now, is it?..:slight_smile:

(Private joke between Redmond and I)…I’m gettin’ wider than him…shudder…!

John’s butt will fit in Eliminator
… and would be a good one for your plan John.


But I already talked to Cobra. The best that they could do was tell me who had ordered them. Turns out that a place in Jacksonville, FL has an Expedition, but that’s about 8 hours from me.

I have a Navigator
And I am only an hour-and-a-half from Huntsville. I had excellent customer service through that number, they called a dealer and found my boat. Sorry it wasn’t helpful.