"Coca-Cola" Full-size Sawyer Canoe?

Did you guys know that in 1995, Sawyer made a red 16-foot fiberglass canoe with the official “Coca-Cola” on it? It is cool!

What would a boat like this be worth??? New? Used?

It is 36" wide. What is the model of this canoe?

Please HELP!

Don’t know …
Don’t know about the Coca Cola canoe, but I bought a 17 foot Sawyer, from a guy who was moving out of the area about the same time frame. It was in new condition; got it at a yard sale, for one hundred dollars. It had Budwieser stickers on it (which easily peeled off); had been used in some type of in store, Budweiser promotion. It had adjustable tractor seats & foot bars on it. Gave it away as a present, and it is still in use.


Can’t help on that, but…
I own a Sawyer Autum Mist and have been trying to find some specs on it. I’ve tried a google search, but find nothing. Any Suggestions?

I have a 16 ft. Coca-Cola Sawyer canoe made in 1983 I paid $400 for it used.