Cockpit Cover - Aruba 12 SS

I am looking for a cockpit cover for my SunDolphin Aruba 12 SS. It will be used for storage (when not in use) and to help with wind resistance when transporting. I have seen cock pit drapes that would fit, but I am concerned it would not be very aerodynamic when transporting. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oak Orchard sells custom cockpit covers for the Aruba 10, so you could try contacting them to see if they can have one made for your 12SS. Their 800 number is listed.

For whatever reason, even SunDolphin doesn’t have a cover available for your boat.

The Seals cockpit drape sized for your boat could be secured with bungee cords when transporting and/or in storage.

While I don’t recall the model, a customer brought a SD into my store for some floatbags and perimeter lines to be installed. She wanted a Sprayskirt but the coaming was cosmetic without enough lip to hold a skirt or cover. If your cockpit coaming has a lip of at least 1/2” then it’ll hold most any correctly sized cockpit cover. See sizing chart. If it’s poasible they’ll have it listed.

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