Cockpit Cover for Prodigy XS

Can’t find a cockpit cover for Perception Prodigy XS. Opening is 15x28 inside, 17.5x30 outside. Understandably small market for boats this small. Thought I’d ask the community before creating my own from scratch.

Listed in the Harmony Fit Chart

Or did Harmony stop supplying them?

Prodigy XS Not Listed
Unless my old eyes are failing me, the Prodigy XS is not listed. The Prodigy 10 is the same length, but much wider, with a cockpit 51x17. I have found fit lists that include the Prodigy XS, but then indicate the size as “0”. This will probably become another DIY project.

Call Snap Dragon
unless you want to DIY. They have patterns for dozens of boats & will do a custom order reasonably.

Sorry about that.
Missed the “XS” requirement.

It is listed…
It is listed in the Fit Chart link posted above – the right column under the Prodigy II 14.5. It would seem they should be on the left with the other Prodigy kayaks, which is probably why you missed it.

The size is 32/18.

Thanks for the help!
Thanks for finding the Prodigy XS in the Harmony listing. Doesn’t seem to follow any convention of alphabetical order, but there it is. “Not recommended for highway travel,” probably because it doesn’t include a strap, but for $30 it should be adequate to keep out the sawdust. Did some basic first-time training last weekend with two grandsons, 8 & 10, and the boat worked well, session went well. Oldest could even hang inverted, thumping the hull and waiting patiently for the “Hand of God.”

Any of the skirt makers will custom make a cover for a nominal extra fee. I’ve had both Seals and Snapdragon covers made custom sized and they were relatively inexpensive and shipped quickly.

Bill H.