Cockpit cover for Swifty 9.5

I’m looking to get a cockpit cover for a Swifty 9.5 kayak. I’d like to have the version with the extra strap that goes around the kayak to be sure it won’t come off while driving down the road. If any of you have a setup like this could you let me know what brand you bought and whether or not you like it?



What I did for many years was:

Put my spray-skirt on & use carabiners front & aft attached to the deck bungees. Then tighten the waist cinch as tight as it will go. This acts as a cockpit cover & holds well at highway speeds.

You don’t need to spend anymore money for something you already have that works just fine.

Paddle easy,


Btw, for a little more $, not much more btw, Seals will custom make a cover for you. We do it all the time with the homebuilt kayaks, and even some production boats that they don’t make covers for, like my NDK Greenlander. Easier to order thru a dealer btw, cost is the same either way.

Bill H.

Cockpit cover for Swifty 9.5
Thanks for the ideas. It looks like the Seals version would be a pretty exact fit. I took the yaks camping once and after I put all the paddles, PFD’s, etc in the trunk there wasn’t much space left for the actual camping supplies :-0 Seems pretty logical to put the gear in the yaks, just have to be careful not to overload the roof rack.