Cockpit Cover

Hi! I would like to know if there is a company

that manufacture neoprene cockpit cover?


My wife and I have Snapdragon Neoprene cockpit covers and are very happy with them.

I believe Bushport also makes Neoprene cockpit covers.

cockpit cover
Do you know if That company have a web site?


What’s the purpose?

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If you're trying to keep rain out during transportation, neoprene is OK, but overkill. Coated nylon works fine and will probably be cheaper. For storage, you want a breathable cockpit cover. Store the boat upside down to prevent water from entering through the cover.

Advice for cockpit cover
Not trying to be a smart a$$, but if you google “neoprene kayak cockpit cover” you will get lots of links to several dealers/manufacturers. I have a Snapdragon and like it just fine.
Neoprene maybe extravagant, but it does a good job of keeping out water while allowing air exchange and fits more securely than nylon.

Made my own neoprene cover. Easy.
They do not flop-flap during car transit. They do not gather puddles and leak into the boat. They do not come off. I don’t see the point about storage. I stored my boat with my neoprene cover on, and there were absolutely no problems. Of course, I had allowed the boat to dry thoroughly before storage. But then, modern highly coated nylon cockpit covers do not breathe well enough to allow drying, and seriously inhibit air exchange.