cockpit cover

need to replace the old cockpit cover on my dagger baja. The first and only one was a harmony nylon, which didn’t seem taut enough to keep water from pooling;thinking maybe neoprene.Any suggestions?

All neoprene cover like the Wildwasser Supra Cover.

A tad tricky putting it on being that it is like a heavy duty spray skirt but without the advantage of you sitting in the middle of it.

Makes an excellent drum head cover.

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Any nylon cover will pool water.
After years of carrying my boat on edge I went with a Thule Hullavator last season. Said a loud sailor’s prayer the first time I flipped my boat up to unload it.

Neoprene is the only answer unless you leave an inflated beach ball in teh cockpit.


Neoprene fits nice and tight
The baja takes a 1.4 skirt. If you’re interested in a neoprene cockpit cover I saw a bunch of them at the Great River Outfitters shop this weekend. Not sure of the price. They can be contacted at

makes a vry tough and waterprof cover. I think it is called their Oufitter model.

Second the Snapdragon
Their neoprene model is worth every penny. The key is to remember to use it. I left mine off when the boat was stored in the garage a few weeks ago and the cat decided to use the cockpit for a toilet. Grrrrrrrr.


purrrrrrrrr }:K *NM

Pool noodle
I use a bowed section of a foam pool noodle under the nylon cockpit cover perpendicular to the length of the kayak. I notched the ends to fit the inside inside of the cockpit rim. This keeps the cover taught and raises the cockpit cover an inch or two at the center to shed rain.

I thought at first this idea would have the cover in the air flow on the highway and lift it off, but so far after years of use it has kept it in place.

cockpit cover
SEALS makes cockpit covers out of a truck tarp kind of material that is water proof unlike coated nylon. The larger cockpit sizes can pouch in the center so the pool noodle idea is a great one! I think I paid $29 for my SEALS cockpit covers at Kayak Corral in Saline

Snapdragon too
I’m very happy with snapdragon covers on my Avocet


Not taut enough to prevent water pooling? Uh, even if it leaks why do you care?