Cockpit Cover

What’s a good (read: inexpensive) kayak cover for a 17’ plastic Perception Eclipse that will stay on while transporting? (i.e. on the top of the truck)

I’ve lost two cheaper ones and I’m tired of losing them at 65 mph!



Carabiner or Neoprene
A carabiner through the loop of the cockpit cover and the deck rigging will keep the cover from being lost. It may even help keep it on the coaming. A bungee cord around the boat and over the cockpit cover can also help.

We changed to neoprene cockpit covers a while ago as they work better for us than nylon.

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Got one from Dick’s for $29 that has a strap attached to the middle that goes around the kayak. Has never come off. Use on a Perception Montour.

Cockpit Cover
Checked out Dick’s Sporting goods and didn’t find anything. Anyone have a link?

Heat sealable fabric
I made my own custom fitted one for about $10 using heat sealable nylon that I ordered from Seattle Fabrics and some bungie.

It’s a quick and easy project because using the heat sealable fabric requires no sewing – only a hot iron.

Seals cover from Rutabaga
I have a Seals cover I bought from Rutabaga for $32 that has the webbing strap to go around the boat. I think it’s standard on Seals covers that are big enough. My Pachena takes a size 2.5 cover, the Rutabaga size lookup says your boat takes size 1.7. I would call them and ask if that size skirt has a strap or not, as it gives peace of mind that it isn’t flying off while on the freeway.

Also have the Seals…
…and it seems bomber. I don’t use the strap on it, just the clip. I’ll probably get a lighter weight cover for trips this summer as the Seals, being substantial, does disappear in the cockpit. It rolls up fine but not as small as a lighter weight unit. The thing is that a lighter cover will wear faster and won’t be as waterproof for as long.

I only need 3 weeks out of one. Who has a suggestion?

Great suggestion…
I’ve never heard of heat sealed waterproof fabric before. Thanks!