cockpit cover

My kayaks hang on the porch ceiling, which is open. Just found out that a bird has built a nest in one. We have 4 boats total and can anyone suggest something quick to cover the cockpit? Will a large sheet of plastic and some nylon cord work to keep critters out? This is the first time in 2 years we’ve had birds. don’t want any more, that’s for sure.



Wrens nest in one or another of the
boats in my carport. Once they get the idea, blocking is the only way to deter them.

Plastic, fabric, anything that you can put over the cockpit will work. If you can buy maybe 10 ft of light bungee cord, size to your cockpit, and knot, it will be easier to get on and off than just cord.

cockpit cover
sounds like a plan, thank you!

Seals, harmony, NRS and some other companies out there sell covers for all kind of cockpit sizes. They run about $30 - $40, check Amazon for deals. I use Seal’s, made in the good 'ol USA and great for transport as well.

Pre-size carefully for transport, and
consider a trial run in low traffic conditions. I’ve had covers made by experienced providers that flopped and popped off during high speed carrying.

I stopped relying on covers for transport, except for small c-1 covers I made myself. I switched to carrying the boats cockpit down. More aerodynamic in most cases, lets the boat dry out, and you don’t lose covers on the highway.

Certain companies I might trust to make covers, if they make them custom, from scratch, and not for a bunch of kayaks with similar cockpits.

cockpit cover
I usually transport 'yaks down. This cover will be for storage at home or while we are camping. Not for transport.

thanks everyone!

simple solution
(presuming one buys from a reputable maker):

My neoprene cover has a release loop just like my skirt. So I attached a carabiner to it and clip it to a deckline.

Of course, I did this after losing my nylon cover, which tended to catch the air like a windsock.

Using a carabiner on the grab loop is a good idea while driving. Large covers sometimes have a belly strap, but use a 'biner as well.

If the cover is only needed while storing the boat, you can use nylon window screen cut a little oversized, held in place with a knotted bungee. It lets the boat dry out, which is a good idea.