cockpit fitting

Hi all, new to this forum, I bought a Tsunami 145 after recomendation from my dealer, I am small for the cockpit at 5-8 185lbs

any thoughts on how to make it fit me better, especially in the hip/knee area?



Gray high density foam
Cut various pieces to fit, and then glued in with contact cement.

I use marine Goop. It gives you a little wiggle room when you install it.

Jack L

Swap it for a Tempest 170 or 165 -:wink:
Or a Tsunami 140. Your dealer probably should not have recommended the 145 for you if you want to do much more than paddle in a very relaxed manner on easty flat water.

Thus I think they need to take it back and give you something else in exchange - most places would do that for you, especially if you go back to them soon enough (if you bought from them, that is).

yeah thats not right.
That cockpit is way to big. I think the four inches of foam it would problem take would be a little much. That cockpit is too big for me and im way bigger than you. A tempest or hurricane tracer would be better. Or maybe the tsunami 16.5

Ryan L.

Harmony Hip Pad Kit

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I concur that the 140 would be the better fit in the 14'/14.5' Tsunami touring line. I am 5'7"/215-220# and the 145 is even a bit big for me (although I like the extra capacity for our frequent camping trips). I did install the Harmony hip pad kit (made for the Phase3 seating system) which made a noticeable difference in the fit and control department:

I also replaced the high back Phase3 seat with the Tempest style backband:

Install video for both:

I have an extra pair of
Wildwasser adjustable hip pads laying around if you’re interested in one. they do fit a Tsunami, simple strap on to the seat towers and come with extra shims

Poor Fit
There’s no good reason for an average size person to try and make due with a kayak designed for a large paddler. Discuss the poor fit with the dealer that sold it to you and get them to work with you.

If you don’t want to bother you’re going to be stuck with something that will never fit you well no matter how much effort you put into padding out the cockpit. There’s still the problem of deck height to think about and padding won’t help that.