Cockpit Foam

I have all the supplies and I have measured and cut and measured and formed. I have two thin wedges of foam to attach to either side of my seat for reducing hip movement. I had about two inches of clearance on each side before I got started and will have about one when I am finished. I did my final measurements while wearing all my cold weather clothes. I have knee and thigh pads pretty much shapped. I intend to cover the foam with the black fabric that came in the kit for a more finished look.

My question is, do I glue the fabric to the foam before or after I glue the foam to the boat?



Minicell Foam
is usually used on it’s own. There really is no need to put fabric over it. If the minicell is sanded with 100 grit, it’ll look like suede. Plus the fabric will eventually wear off.


For most applications just the foam is best, and replacing it when it wears is a simple and quick operation.

Regards a more expensive and custom self made or bought foam seat that confroms to you and your kayak I have had success making them last several seasons longer by simply covering the wear areas with a layer of plasti-dip. You know the stuff that covers tool handles etc. When ready, simply brush on a thin layer. Build it up as much or little as you wish. It is tough, and provides just the right level of friction to work well. You can even get it in a color that works for your boat.


Nude Minicell?

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I think the bare foam looks just fine. You may find you have fewer maintenance problems without the fabric. After you use it a bit you may want to tweak the shape until you get it perfect, easy to do with a scraper and no fabric..

Food For Thought
Thanks for your thoughts, I guess I am unsure of what I will do but for now I will just use the foam and address any possible cover down the road.



fabric is ok
the hips can get scraped up, not sure if it matters with the thigh braces unless it’s slippery. I used the platic dip Evan mentions for a carved seat,the stuff works but you still have to smooth out the minicell with finer sandscreen/sandpaper as the coating won’t hide gouges.