Cockpit Glue

Hi,I need advise.What kind of glue do I use for adhesion of minicell to fiberglass? I’m presently outfitting my cockpit…Thanks, Sally.

Contact Cement
I usually use DAP Weldwood Contact Cement.

any waterproof
contact cement will work good.

Flamable contact cement

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Make sure you lightly sand the surface of the glass before gluing or clean it with acetone since it could have mold release on it.

Coat both surfaces - the closed cell and the glass. Let it dry and apply a second coat to both surfaces and once it's tacky push them together and press it together.

Pray you get the position right because if you do it correctly, the mini-cell will rip before it releases.

Don't use water-based contact cement.

If you can find it…
…Weldwood makes a gel contact cement that’s easier to use than the liquid, as it stays where you put it. It’s my outfitting glue of choice.