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I’ve got some foam to pad out my kayaks as well as some DAP weldwood gel contact cement. I am planning on following the can’s instructions and spreading the contact cement on both the foam and the hull, letting dry 30 min and then attaching the pieces (that I have already dry-fit).

Will the solvent in the weldwood damage PE or Trylon? Even if reactive, it seems like the little amount used would not “melt” the hull enough to damage it. Since it is what the dealer uses, I suspect I’m alright but thought I’d ask first.

Any tips on doing this right the first time would be appreciated. Speaking of doing it right the first time, how difficult is it to rip out and start over one the cement has cured?



One thing…
I’m not sure about the melting and/or ripping out bits with regards to the boat materials you mention (plastic or Trylon), but here are a couple of things I found helpful when cementing the foam padding in my wood/glass boat (as recommended in the Arctic Hawk kit building manual)…

In order to not get any contact cement in places where it’s not wanted, instead of brushing cement onto the boat surfaces, I used the foam pieces themselves to apply the cement on the inside of the cockpit:

  1. Apply a coat of cement on the foam pieces, then wait for 10 minutes.

  2. Apply a second, fairly generous coat, and while it’s still wet, carefully press the foam pieces in their places for just a moment, then remove them. This will put cement only on the very spaces the foam pieces will finally occupy. Wait another 10-15 minutes.

  3. Now place the foam pieces in their places for the final time.

    Also, in order to give the foam a bit more abrasion resistance, before I cemented the pieces into the boat, I brushed on a couple coats of “Dip It” plastic coating (not on the side to be cemented). “Dip It” is that stuff usually used to coat small hand tool grips.


Mark and use tape to prevent over

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brushing .... no worries about solvents 'attacking' boat,. if you mess it up pull it out and start over ..... unless a chunk of foam is still there ,,,,, brush right over previous cement coatings.

It won’t hurt the plastic at all…
…so don’t sweat it. The real issue is getting it to stick well enough. Make sure that you apply two coats of glue to the foam, as the first coat will be largely absorbed. Two coats on the plastic won’t hurt, either.