Cockpit outfitting

I’d like to tighten up the cockpit of my Capella…was wondering what the best way would be to add some hip pads. I’ve seen those NSI hip pads that are pre cut but I’m not sure what I’d stick them to inside the cockpit. Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance!

seats in most of their capellas are a little different for outfitting rather than the glass hung seat where it’s very easy to outfit the hip area.

If you can’t add foam behind the padding in the covered seat typical of a P&H, I would maybe try cutting it out and just using contact cement on the plastic for your foam outfitting.

I don’t like the precut foam hip pads you mentioned. They’re usually too big and shaped wrong for the application which results in you cutting it down to a custom fit anyhow.

I sit in the boat and figure how much space I need to fill and cut the hip pad to fit. I taper it down and leave a nice lip near the top that grabs the top of my hips after I slip into the cockpit. I use a very tight fit and it makes a huge difference.

Boat Ain’t Yours…
until you outfit it properly for you and then it begins to behave the way your body wants it too.

Nothing beats minicel and contact cement. You can use the nylon covered pads that belt or tape on to the seat but generally they shift and don’t fit you exactly. Great for testing a boat but not the best choice to outfit a boat that will become truly yours.

Don’t worry about sticking stuff on your boat. It doesn’t hurt the resale value, especially if the boat ends up going to another experienced paddler. S/he will likely rip you stuff out and re-outfit to make it his/hers.


No need for expensive pads
The commercial stuff is a waste of money in a touring boat, as they’re the wrong shape. Most are designed for whitewater use where a tight fit around the thighs is desirable. In a touring boat, all you need is pads that will keep you from sliding from side to side when you edge or lean the boat. That can be accomplished with simple Minicel foam pads and contact cement, as Sing suggested. I have some outfitting pics on Webshots at:

Minicel foam pads
Where can you purchase minicel foam to carve out custom pads? Are there different types? It just doesn’t seem like the stuff in your pictures would hold up very well over time…

I wouldn’t
Personally, I like loose hips and don’t find it interferes with edging. (Geeze guys! I mean my hips in my boat… but this does bring up a question whether Salsa dancing would be good cross training for kayaking…) Helps a lot for side sculling and you can shift over to compensate for a side wind. But I if your boat is really sloppy on you you can just glue in minicel like Brian suggests.

Bryan -
how did you foam fit the masik & quot for greenland rolling? and can that be duplicated in a boat with the larger cockpit (ie romany)

What is a masik & quot?

Any whitewater shop…
…and most sea kayak shops should carry it or at least be able to get it for you. If you’re anywhere near southern NH, I have a bunch of it.

As for durability, it holds up quite well. You can improve it somewhat by covering it with stretch fabric or a coating like Plasti-Dip or Plastisol.

What I’ve found is…
…that it’s easiest to build up a foam masik in 1" layers, as thicker foam is too stiff to bend to fit the curve of the deck. The first layer has to be carved to fit around deck fittings, skeg cables, etc. The following layers are simply glued to the smooth base provided by the previous layer(s). In my Pintail and Anas Acuta, I use a 3" thick masik.

In a Romany cockpit, you’d need to close up the keyhole area. You can bridge it with the foam, but I’d think that you’ll need something to stiffen it in the open areas. It should be pretty simple to make a fiberglass, wood or metal stiffener.

FC has inflatable hip pads
I put a pair in the Wisper and you can dial in however much you need to…together they also make an adaquate pillow in a hammoock…a bit overpriced but its got FC attention to detail.

bnystroms site is well woth the visit.
I used his site to outfit the artic tern and it worked out so well that I did the same with the recreational perception america…I’ve been amazed at how much easier the america is to move sence I became more than just a passenger sitting in a wide seat.

I bought a large sheet of 11/2" thick minicell The price was very reasonable (on line…forget who now)

Electric Carving knive

Angle Grinder


Lottsa folks are nervous…
…about starting to glue chunks of minicell into their boats and carve it up and the like. What to buy and where to buy it? The thing is, once you do it you experience a success that is pretty intoxicating. The stuff works and is so forgiving that you become pretty fearless and understanding about applying it.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy any pre-packaged padding with the expectation that it will fit you like your own creation but it doesn’t hurt anything but your pocketbook to buy those after-market pads as long as you can carve them to really fit you and if you are going to do that, you may as well save some money, expand your options and and do your own. Brian’s webshots get lots of hits (many from me)and are great sources of info and inspiration.

It should break the half-million mark…
…today. That’s absolutely mind-boggling to me! I never would have guessed it.

What’s Mind Boggling…
is that folks get so nervous about sticking a piece of foam with contact cement… Jeeze. :slight_smile:

First boat, I was sticking foam like crazy. Second boat, I was drilling/hacking right into the boat to make it right.

Boats are tools/toys. Don’t be afraid to use it.


…I lost so much fear with hacking mine up that its now a 17 foot planter for bushes and flowers on the side of my garage!

Rule of thumb: Measure twice - cut once!



And A “Lovely Planter…”

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it must be... :)

I've noticed there are certain mindsets with this stuff. A DIY type person has to be fearless. The rest need to go hire someone to do it for them. ;)


look here;

this one is better;

minicel source