Cockpit "repair"

I have an Arctic Tern 17’. I removed the side braces where the back brace mounts as I ordered a custom made Redfish seat. I was thinking I might need to put down a strip of fiberglass, but after looking at it maybe just a coat of resin? Thoughts?

I have a Tern 17 built in 2004. I’m assuming that you have cut out the piece of plywood that went from the underside of the deck to the hull. Unless you have cut into the interior glass in the hull I suggest just sanding the remains smooth & sealing with epoxy. The underside of the deck isn’t glassed (at least that was how the Pygmy’s were built back then) so sealing the cut off wood would be fine.

Mine is glassed.
That is what I was thinking. I cut the plywood leaving a very small amount that I then sanded down so I wouldn’t cut into the glass. My thought, looking at it now, is to just seal it with epoxy.