Cockpit silencing

It occurred to me while paddling today, and a photo op appeared, I made a racket trying to get my good camera out of the deck bag. My CF paddle bounced on the cockpit rim (no skirt) of my FG boat loud enough to disturb that photo op.

I’m looking to add some soft material on the contact areas of the rim. I’d rather not disturb my paddle.

Any suggestions?


a couple of pieces of pipe insulation split and set on the cockpit combing would work out. Or a paddle leash, and let it float.

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2nd that
Laying a leashed paddle in the water seems like the quickest and quietest - plus it’s not in your way while leaning forward. Unless you’re using a GP, which would be a little awkward to leash.

I suggest a different approach

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Andy, I know what you mean by a paddle making noise against the hull/deck of a kayak.
Instead of padding the kayak, how about a paddle leash?
I find a paddle leash essential for taking pictures.
I use one almost all the time except for rolling and surfing steep waves.
You can make one out of bungee cord.

PS I wrote this when there were no suggestions for a leash yet... maybe my browser was not refreshed...

How about a mini-skirt?
It might be just enough to keep down the composite-on-composite clatter, and wouldn’t make things too warm on a sunny day.


Leash will work
I’ve got a nice leash, but didn’t have it with me. I’ll bring it next time.

Pipe insulation
When you’re not using a skirt, why not get some of the pre-split foam pipe insulation and run a length up each side of the cockpit - just set in place, not attached. I use a loose piece (when I can find it) to cushion my shoulder when carrying my heavier boat.

Git a canoo…

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cockpits aar fer aarplane pilots an' koolerless weenies like ye....


I was going to suggest …
dump your speakers and get a headset but that is another thread. :slight_smile:

1/8" minicell
You can get very thin adhesive-backed minicell foam from Stick some of that on deck to keep paddles from scratching or clacking. Can also put some on loud areas of your cockpit coaming, and it won’t interfere with a skirt.

Also makes great covering for cockpit outfitting. Put it over thigh and hip braces once their shaped, and it will be more abrasion resistant and generally cooler-looking.

get an inflatable
better yet get an inflatable canoe.