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Let me try this again…

In my early search for a sleeker (and better fitting) kayak, I rejected all the boats I couldn’t plop into the seat and easily bring both legs in to launch. I’m starting to re-think that notion and I’m wondering what the norm is? Do most paddlers need to “shuffle” in or simply get in as I was used to? The low floating dock I demoed these boats from made entering the smaller cockpit boats easier, but what about beach launching which is what I generally do. Thanks

I can’t
put my butt on the set them bring my feet in. I have to put my put on the back deck then bring my feet into the cockpit then slide by butt in the the seat. Woriks fine but balance might be a bit of a problem from a dock.

Using the
Dwaugh, thanks for the reply.

dock made it easier for me due to having some support. But I usually wade into the surf and hop in. I just wonder how one would balance with yout butt on the deck and legs in the cockpit with any sort of wave coming at you?

Took some getting used to
But its not a new or rare problem.

My first ocean experience was a monterey, through a sort of “trough” between things… Massive surge. Guy from the shop just sorta pushed me into it - I was sure wet.

The Way You Was Used To

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Butt. Leg. Leg.

And my kayak is a 'proper' fitting boat. Fits me great.

Thanks, I read those.
So…does that mean a “proper” fitting kayak usually implies a more involved entry than simply sitting in the seat and easily bringing your legs in? My kayak has always been big for me but after losing about 45lbs it’s enormous, so my experience is fairly limited.