Codorus State Park, PA

My wife and I are going on a day and a half kayak/camping trip on July 4th-5th. We are camping in Codorus State Park and Lake Marburg. Has anyone been there? I am wondering what type of route you took through the lakes many coves and fingers and whether or not you checked out either of the lakes two islands?

We’d like to paddle for about 3-4 hrs when we arrive on the 4th and then another couple hours the morning of the 5th.

Not trying to make a detailed plan or anything, just wondering what others who’ve visited this area have done. Looks like a great park, but this will be our first visit. Thanks!

Lake Marburg is Pleasant
Marburg is a nice little lake to poke around, but not one you’ll need a map or route planning for.

The water is usually quite clean and makes for nice swimming, if you beach on the island, as shore side swimming is not permitted

I highly recommend lunch at “The Famous Hot Weiner” in Hanover.

The far-upstream area, past the last bridge, is kind of neat, shallower and possibilities for wildlife sightings, whereas the the rest is deeper and thankfully as Topher says, “cleaner.” Good spot for rolling practice if you are so inclined.


Disk golf coarse at Marburg…
If you want something to do when you are paddled out, rent a disc from the clubhouse and play a round on one of the best disc golf coarseson the east coast. Actually there is an expert coarse there also.


Check the web site

thanks for your help everyone…
just the kind of suggestions i was looking for. Thanks Again!