codorus state park

I have made reservations at codorus state park in Pa. Have any of you been there? If so what is it like and how is the fishing really? Excited to go, it is a big lake, any do’s or don’ts.

Great place for flatwater paddling
I used to have a sailboat there during the eighties. Now I sometimes go there to paddle my kayak. Very clean, deap water lake. Good shoreline with coves to explore. Recently have seen great blue herons there. When you say you have made reservations there, do you mean for camping?

Yes for camping, but I kayak and so does my friend, and we are both bird watchers!! How exciting a blue Heron. We are tent camping for two days, the lake sounds big and full of fish, did you fish there.=? We will take our kayaks

Fishing and paddling
don’t go together for me. At least not live baits, too messy. I have not had much luck with artificial lures, not patient. Years ago, when I had a powerboat, my son and I used to fish quite a lot, mostly at Havre De Grace, Md. I am sure there are fish taken from Lake Marburg, but it takes luck and perserverance. I’d rather just paddle and relax with the natural world. There are areas at the lake where it is very quiet most of the time. They do allow power boats with up to 20hp outboards. There are also a lot of pontoon boats there as well. Weekdays are best. Weekends more populated. Good luck and enjoy.

As a birdwatcher, you might

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want to try Lake Redmond, south of York. It straddles I 83 with a nice estuary on the east side of 83 by Hess Farm Rd. There you will find egrets, herons, eagles, kingfishers and lots of turtles sunning. You will also be surprised at times by carp bumping into your yak. There is an area for parking and launching just off Hess Farm Rd.

1 Don’t…
I was just there on Sunday. Perfect day,did a lot of paddling. I don’t fish BTW so I can’t help there. Didn’t see many anglers pulling in anything worthwhile.

I was warned by the ranger about surfing pontoon boat wakes. He was nice about it,just concerned I would surf into the prop. Told me he didn’t know you could do that with a canoe.

Your boat must have a Pa launch permit,or be registered in Pa. The ranger will tell you that and fine you. It’s stated at the launches. Don’t know if they issue temporary permits there or close by. I have a launch permit on all my boats. Just for your information.

Have fun,maybe headed there this coming weekend too. If you see a green carbon/kevlar Placid boat works Rapidfire canoe,stop me and say Hi.


I paddled at Lake Redmond today
and saw lots of birds. In fact, I spent about 1/2 hr. ten feet from a heron. I am not sure what kind, green or night, but it was really oblivious of my presence, or, exceedingly trusting. I got some really good pictures. You really must try Lake Redmond if you want to get close to the birds.

Lake redmond
Sounds wonderful, how big of a lake is it?

1 Mile top to bottom,and about 1500’ wide at the widest point. About 1/3 the size of Lake Marlburg at Codorus State park. Upper end where route 83 crosses is where the wildlife is,in the shallows. Egrets,Eagles,Osprey, Lesser Herons,Blue herons,King Fishers,all can be seen there on occasion. Lower end near the dam has a small cove,and a few years back an otter swam around my boat. They deforested that end of the lake,and I haven’t seen him since. Nice paddle,can do the whole lake in 2 hours at a slow cruise.


The heron who posed for my pictures
was a black capped night heron. I got a picture of one with neck withdrawn and one with neck outstretched. The one with the neck withdrawn looks like an own when viewed head-on.

Tuesday afternoon 7/14
come on out to Lake Redman. I’ll be looking for more wildlife pictures. Wildlife or wild life! Whatever.

went week before last
Had a great time.

The campsites vary from fully shaded to grass field. It was windy for paddling but I saw plenty of birds, ducks, geese, herons. There was a bass tournament ending as we were launching on Saturday. I can vouch that there WERE plenty of big bass in the lake. My kids didn’t do so well from the shore with worms. They each caught a blue gill. Have fun.

Well, spent the weekend there, my friend caught one bluegill and a small bass. We did see plenty of beatiful birds. A great blue heron, just feet away from us, kingfishers, cranes, it was wonderful and very easy paddling.