Coffee anyone?

I’m just curious to see how the coffee lover and addict are dealing with coffee on the trail.

The first thing I load my canoe with on each trip is my Kenya Coffee Maker its a French press Cafetière.

My morning coffee is one of my most enjoyable time of the day.

So what about you?


I don’t work for them, but…
Starbucks has a new instant coffee that it is selling at it’s shops. It’s not bad. You could give it a try.

another coffee thread
From one of the other coffee threads i heard about the Aerobie AeroPress. I bought one and really enjoy the results.

boil water, pour into press, stir and press. Clean up is far easier than the french press, you are left with a little flat brick of used coffee, easy to dispose of, a quick rinse and put it away

Cowboy coffee
Forgot the french press one trip, and now it never comes out of the closet. Gotta use a good bean though.

Jet Boil Coffee Press
Wonderful to be able to have a good cup of coffee in the morning!

MSR Mugmate
and a really good bean.

Coffee Presses take too much room for me and I dont like the mud on the bottom.

That said my coffee press experience was with one of the Lexan presses. Which DO break.

green tea
I have been carrying a thermos with green tea. I use an infuser.

Another vote . . .
. . . for cowboy coffee. I put a quarter cup of grocery store coffee (Yuban ain’t bad) with a tablespoon or two of sugar (good, cheap energy) in a snack size sandwich bag. Bring a couple of cups or so (about 20 oz) to boil, take off heat and add coffee/sugar, let steep for 5 minutes, filter through dew rag. I actually use a piece of fiberglass window screen.

cone + filter
I use a small cone filter and plastic cone. It doesn’t take up much room and the plastic filter holder cleans easily. I too am on a quest for the perfect coffee setup. This thing looks like it has potential:,7523.html

I just bought that
and tried it at home.

Nice! Takes little space. Buy it.

I will commit the sin of pregrinding my beans before my trip because there isn’t any room in the boat for a hand grinder. But, I will not live without AM coffee.

i take a plastic filter basket
from a drip coffee maker. i line it with several filters and pack my coffee in the basket too. in camp i make coffee one or two cups at a time like i do at home by pouring hot water through the basket and a filter with one or two tablespoons of coffee per cup.

Second the cone filter
I’ve been using that system for quite a while. I like the lack of moving parts to clean and if sand gets in it no harm is done. I filter into a large travel mug (in which the coffee is carried in a baggie) and which clips to my day pack with a biner or Velcro strap. Longer days require a stainless thermos.

The recent improvement is to do the heating of the water with a Kelly Kettle. They aren’t real compact but they’re pretty fast and there’s no fuel to buy, carry, or spill - just gather a few dry twigs and you’re cooking. Good for morning oatmeal or freeze dried stuff also. They work better in drizzle than my alcohol stove - and that’s when one really really wants a warm cup of coffee (or green tea).

java juice

Nice to avoid dealing with grinds, they pack small, not so bad hot or cold.

french press for me
First thing I pack for Scout outings is my French Press and coffee! oh and don’t forget the sugar! Scout leaders don’t function well without coffee. I took it on our last backpack trip, I used the space inside to pack my coffee and fixings.


Java Juice
I’ve tried them all. I love the Aeropress for perfect tasting coffee that is easy to make. It’s lexan though. I like mug mates and the Bogum single serve drip device, but for trip I take Java Juice (and this was before they sponsored my trip).

It’s worth a try.

Stupid Westerner Gadgets
In places where coffee is grown they just toss the grinds in the water, settle them in any manner of ways and drink.

For 25 some years I’ve done just that. Toss in the grinds, settle, spin the pot, and enjoy great coffee with no grinds or gadgets.

Friend of mine was once on the board of Starbucks and he said their tasters did the exact same thing.

WHY do any of you need a gadget?? Cowboys never had that crap and you do not need it. Centrifugal force does exactly what a press does.

snow peak
the aeropress is good, but requires a paper filter. I like the snow peak press.

folgers coffee bags

coffee bags
That’s what I was wondering… why not just the prepacked coffee bags and boil those.

MSR Mugmate
Simple, easy to clean, cheap, durable.