Coffee Brandy

I read that Maine is addicted to coffee Brandy. Have you ever tried it? Is it any good?

Looks like “Allen’s” is their favorite. Wonder it there are enough “Mainiacs” (sp?) down here for the stores to carry it? The price is right.
Reviews welcome… Is it close to Kahlua?


Sells for $14 a fifth. No thanks… I am in Maine. No one needs to try it. It is good for ice fishing though.


Through a Looking Glass Darkly,
or (With Net Experience)
Brandy, You’re a Mind Swirl - What a Grind Strife You Must Be

A Coffee oft here would post
where it often liked to boast,
it had boldly led its yak in watery downs,

I’d often thought cheap Brandy
had instilled it mariner grandy,
till time’n’tide washed out old threads from these dumped grounds.

mmmmmm…coffee brandy carmel sauce on bread pudding with wipped topping.

Praline liqueur, creme de menth, chopped nuts over vanilla ice cream.

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You talked me out of coffee Brandy. Maybe Kahlua.

Baileys Irish Cream straight up or over ice cream. St. Pat’s day is coming up. :shamrock:

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Also a good choice.

Not much of a Brandy guy,

Dearly love a big steaming cup of Hazelnut Creme coffee, with a healthy shot of Amaretto. Preferably early in the morning; while cooking breakfast, or chilling on the river’s edge, watching the river roll on downstream.
Sun sneaking up over the tree tops on the river bank.

A couple of straight shots of Toulamore Dew is also mighty tasty, about an hour before you crawl into the tent, and then settle into the sleeping bag.
Relax. Tomorrow is another day on the river…