Coffee Press

How do coffee presses work? Who makes a good one?

in short
You take ground coffee, put hot water on top, wait a few minutes with a stir in between. Later you press a fine mesh down towards the bottom. If there are no gaps between the walls of the container and the mesh resulting brew should be coffee grounds free.

YouTube is useful, as always :slight_smile:

Bodum makes a bunch
I have several glass ones and two polycarb ones for camping. Plastic ones have flip sip feature so you can drink out of the “pot”. Even with glass, there is a slight difference in taste than drip style. If you want to sample that flavour before buying, just pour almost boiling water over some grounds in a tall mug and give it time to settle.

Hot brown juice
The coffee press (also called a French press) add-on to the Jetboil PCS (that’s the individual model) works really well. Plus, it is the absolutely fastest way I’ve found to satisfy the caffeine-obsessed beast in the morning. If you know or, God help you, live with one of those people, you’ll realize right away what important information this is!

My favorite way
of making coffee. Make sure to use not-quite-boiling water to prevent bitterness.

But while camping I usually just use a MSR Mugmate filter. Easier to clean.


They work fine.
Nevertheless, percolate. If that’s too much space for you, get a stovetop espresso maker. It’s even smaller than a French press. You’ll have better tasting coffee (or espresso) than with a French press, which essentially produce cowboy coffee without the grounds (until the seal wears).

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Nissan Thermos
I reviewed this one and I still love it…

Absolute fastest way is to
make it the night before, put it in your Nissan (Yes Nissan) Thermos and keep it in your tent or even sleeping bag.

Fresh, piping hot and you don’t even need to get out of bed.


Here is my favorite - the aerobiepress.

Makes really good coffee, easy clean up - the used coffee plug just pushes through, barely needs rinsing after emptying.

Someone I know is getting one for Xmas.


Best Coffee
This thing is pure gold. Too bad it’s lexan.

Survival Perk - Newfoundland’s Gift
I work PT in a local hardware store. Last December, the guy who invented this dandy little device came in to do an in-store demo - so I tried a cup - and promptly decided it was the best thing since, well, perked coffee.

He left an initial batch of 16 at the store, and we managed, between the jigs and the reels, to snarf up 9 of them as gifts for paddling, camping and sailing friends, all of whom love it. Works like a charm! Headquarters is in Hillview, Newfoundland, a tiny hamlet perched on a hill just off the TansCanada Highway overlooking Trinity Bay. Check it out.

Can get good prices for them on Amazon. I’ve got three of them plus the Jet Boil version. The Jet Boil one is great for camping but it lets more grounds past the piston than the Bodums. They recommend using coarse ground for French Presses, but I’ve found that the regular grind works fine with the Bodums.

I’ve got a new Bodum and I love it
I’m something of a minimalist, not into kitchen clutter, and mine makes a perfect cup 'o joe. I drink tea when camping.

We like the aerobie too. But we’ve gone through 3 of them, because the rubber gasket gets a bit loose after a while, so now we’re back to a stovetop espresso maker. The aerobie press is great for camping though–much faster, less messy, and better tasting than a regular french press.

Brilliant idea!
No more stumbling out of the tent to make coffee on cold mornings—I’ll put that thermos in my sleeping bag and keep my feet warm all night, too.

I have a Moka Express

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Stovetop espresso maker, and I find it gives the coffee a slightly burned taste when I make it according to directions. If I turn down the heat, it seems the coffee never brews. Of course, this is on my despised flush ceramic stovetop at home (I only drink coffee very occasionally, and almost never in the morning, and so don't take it with me on campouts). Do you have any suggestions? Am I waiting too long to take the pot off the heat?

Coffee Experts say
(whoever coffee experts are) that the French Press is the best way to brew coffee. If you don’t like the mess, Maxwell House makes little self enclosed filter packs, that are made for drip coffee makers that you can use in your press and all the grinds stay in side the filterpack. If you have a one cup press, folgers makes a single serving “coffee bag” that does the same thing. It is also very convenient because you can just carry a couple in a ziplock bag and not have to worry about renegade coffee grounds getting all over your pack or drybag.

French press works fine for
civilization. But for extended trips its hard to wash it thouroughly so the seal always is tight. Oils and fine grounds get in there.

Plus have you ever BROKEN it on day six of a 21 day trip…then its ugly for everyone else till you start to think straight and remember cowboy coffee.

Yes Lexan breaks. Or whatever they are using now might… Lexan now being a no no.

I prefer the rather rickety looking MSR Mug Mate. It fits in my solo pot kit so is completely protected. I havent found a FP that fits that way.

The Mug Mate is now into its third year …gets used about ten weeks a year.

forget all this stuff!

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this is the way to go!


French press!
Listen to Grayhawk Guys! By the time he rolls out of his tent, I have a pot of boiling water, ready and waiting! Great starter fluid! Ken…