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I like coffee when out on trips and have found various methods of making it, including a one cup GSI French Press, the AeroPress Espresso maker, which makes great coffee, BTW. I've found these just too messy for camping and somewhat of a hassle.

I've tried Java Juice, which is very smooth and good tasting. And I like. The instant powdered coffees I've tried, I'm not a big fan of.

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on coffee for camping. Lighter is better.

EDIT: Trying to minimize the grounds that I have to carry out with me. Not a fan of cowboy coffee, but feel free to talk about it. Thanks.

Throw some coffee, strength desired,
into a pot of water, heat the water, stir, drink up. Clinch your teeth together to keep out the grounds. Called cowboy coffee.

That’s the way it’s done - -
but I usually have a perk coffee pot when camping regardless.

They say to put the grounds in off the heat after the water has been boiling if you don’t have a perk pot. Tap the side with a spoon, and the grounds are supposed to go to the bottom. I just pour it kinda slow.

coffee tea bags
I forgot what they are called, but I think Maxwell house makes these, coffee in tea bags. Its like having the filter wrapped around the coffee, decent brew and very easy to make. No mess or fussing with grounds.

Light weight perk pot is great. Never
understood the designer coffee craze. Taste like namby pamby crapola to me. Black, no cream, no sugar, Folger’s…great on a cold morning.

plastic thingies & simple filter
We use the single cup filters that fit into an angled plastic thingy (technical term) that sits right on top of the cup. You can dump in any amount of whatever coffee you like, pour boiling water over the top, and life is good!

Not quite
You need to throw the egg shells in from the eggs you fry. That settles the grounds to the bottom.

buy Sumatra coffee bean whole (Alakef) grind a fresh baggie full before any trip.

on the trail I use a MSR coffee filter

use it to make green tea for the evening meal too

keeps it so I don’t feel like I’m chewing snoose.

Best Wishes


Watching the various coffee making schemes and gizmos is one of the most interesting parts of group trips.

How about a tea ball? would that
work for course ground coffee?

Folgers makes coffee bags, but it is still Folgers.

One cup coffee filters
Campmor has these on page 211 of the Holiday 2007 catalog I received in the mail today. 40 filters are $2.50. They work great and take up very little room.

Grounds are to fine, you’d still have
cowboy coffee. Folger’s isn’t bad. Used to drink Maryland Club, but can’t find it anymore.

I second the Mug Mate by MSR
It nests inside my pot so it doesnt get all beat up.

Has lasted 150 mornings so far. Actually I have a second one in my kitchen.

Its the cheapest way to make good coffee at home too.

No need for expensive designer one cup at a time with the little creamer sized containers of coffee that go for what must be a dollar a cup arrangements.

I am done with coffeemakers. Most of them are a pile of doodoo.

stove-top espresso
Stove-top espresso makers are great for kayak camping (and for home use too). Bialetti brand is good–they’re much easier to clean than a french press, and make excellent coffee for a couple of people. Target carries them (Moka Express is the usual model), and many coffee shops carry them too. You can get them in tiny sizes for backpacking, but for kayaking, I usually bring a larger one. They’re $18 or so from, or IKEA, or target.

is that angled thingy anything like
Pamlico’s grey thingy?

GSI French Press
is what I use exclusively. Tried leaving it behind on a recent ultralight trip in favor of the aforementioned Folgers or Maxwell House bags but quickly realized the press is worth the extra weight. I guess I’ve become a backcountry coffee snob…

I’ve heard that
Just haven’t tried it yet

That ain’t enough coffee - - - - - -

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My coffee cups hold at least 6 cups, Usually something like a Budweiser Mug (never see's beer) and Ceramic.

You know those souvie beer mugs from all those gift shops - - The ones that end up in the Garage sales - - BIG COFFEE CUPS!!!!

My current one is an old "Ohio Caverns" souvie mug. Holds 7 1/2 cups. Came in a box of about 20 such mugs at an Auction for $1.00 - - If I break em - - Oh well.

Light weight ???
Mine usually aren’t. It’s one of those 10 cup old porcelian coated steel pots. I have one I use regularly that still has the old glass perk top in it. Probably antique, but we don’t care. I use it for hot dish water, instant soup kinda stuff, whatever gets hot water usually goes through the coffee pot.

Hell - -one morning I was kinda in a hurry. Oatmeal for breakfast. Didn’t bother with the hot water. Just poured in some coffee - - I said I was in a hurry!!!

That’s What I Use
I’m having some now 'cause I ran out of my regular stuff. Folgers makes 'em.