Coilin' back a rescoo throwrope

Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Jus’ seen a neat way ta coil back a throw rope instead o’ usin’ de classic butterfly methood… It be called de “TRU” (Thompson River Univoysity) methood. Tried it out over de weekend an’ woyks real swell. But ah’s gots ta do it more than a few times ta build mooscle meemoory for doin’ it fast.


Saw that too
Speedy way to coil; and I don’t think it puts a twist in the rope. Like FE says, it needs some practice so it comes naturally when you need it. Of course, that goes for throwing a rope, too.

I’ve switched to this
Another student in a SWR instructor cert class demonstrated it.

I find it to be a much quicker and more consistent way to re-throw. One suggestion, is to find a balance between tight enough to stay on your arm but not so tight that you have to struggle to get the coils off.

Cool, can’t wait to try it

That’s how I wind up my extension cords, then I just tie the last bit around the middle.