Cold Alaskan Summer

If anyone is heading this way this summer dress warm. We are experiencing a cold spring. I have yet to see temperatures hit 60. Mostly they have hovered in the low 50’s. Not a lot of rain but still cloudy and cool. Hopefully it will warm up but if you are heading this way this summer add another layer for warmth.

Low 50’s and rain on July 1! We have had two days of temperatures above 60 all summer. If you are coming North dress warm

Please tell us what part of Alaska
you are speaking of. I have traveled there and the SE is so much unlike Fairbanks that to lump all Alaska together is just not feasible.

Maine has 21 weather forecasts. Alaska must have over 200.

Looking at Fairbanks weather it looks like here. Juneau is much cooler.

So where are you?

Just in case
…revkayak doesn’t get in here soon, I’ll try to answer your question. I think we met him in 2004. If this is the same good person, he is in Petersburg.

Sounds like…
…perfect paddling weather to me.


Southeast Panhandle
I live in Petersburg which is south of Juneau in the Southeast panhandle.

Not sure what is happening in Fairbanks or even Anchorage but here our weather is more like fall rather than summer.

that’s me alright

the trick
the trick is deciding what to wear. Put on too many layers and you burn up. To few layers and you chill.

The coldest winter I ever had was a
summer I spent in Anchorage…

Tana River, St Elias National Park
Fresh off a 7 day Tana River Trip. I still feel like I’m sitting in the room with the Big Man:) The Wrangell St Elias National park is massive, and humbling. 5 star river!! Coming from Arizona, we didn’t mind all the drizzling as it hadn’t rained for 80 days or so:)

I love the Wrangell’s
…a very special place…