Cold Gear

Hello All,

I just returned from a trip to a big outdoor store (Bill Jacksons) and I could not believe the prices for all the cold gear suited to keep paddling in the North-Florida winter (not real cold but cold enough to get sick being in the wet for too long).

Anythink … even the smallest piece of neoprene: dive socks, cap, gloves, etc. ranged from $25 to $50. Fairly simple kayak pants cost $150!?

Can you all help and sent me some links from online stores that sell satisfactory quality gear for affordable prices.

You can get stuff on sale at NRS,, if you jump now and/or if you are a small size. But overall the prices you mention aren’t high compared to what folks in the NE spend to extend their season.

Would a wetsuit do - thus eliminating some of the separates?

Why not wear what we have been
for the past bunch of years?

Light or mid weight weight poly pro long johns and tops.

Outer layer of either long water proof biking pants or similar made by Marmot or North face, and then a light weight water proof jacket.

NRS boundary shoes are nice a cozy and will keep your feet dry and warm all day as well as letting you step into the water that is just below your knees in depth.

We always have a extra set of clothes in a dry bag, (just in case)

If you are a roller forget all of the above and go to a different game plan.



Sierra Trading Post

This is the place for good deals on closeouts, overstocked items, and outdoor gear and clothing with minor cosmetic flaws. Choice can be spotty, and is often limited in available colors and sizes, but if you can find what you’re looking for, it will be at an unbeatable price.

I bought my Bomber Gear drytop, neo gloves, and other cold-water gear there, at closeut prices. Because Sierra’s inventory is dependent on overstocks from major manufacturers, selection is often quite irregular, and changes almost daily. So it pays to check back often for new bargains. You’ll find deals on everything from SmartWool socks to closeout drysuits to last year’s recreational kayak.

I also like NRS. They are helpful and
knowledgable when you call them on the phone.

Move further South…(NM)

Bomber Gear is closing out all of their stuff on ebay.

be realistic
things cost what they cost. Would you expect to start any activity requiring specialized equipment and pay the same or less than new clothes at a clothing store?

$25 for neoprene socks or $50 for booties is still a lot less than $125 running shoes.

Not sure how cold it is where you are but if you need neoprene gloves the best deal I’ve found are cheapo $15 Stearns gloves from Boaters World. They’ve worked as well as any fancy paddlers gloves, although they split apart at the seams after a couple years.

lonline stores
Alredy mentioned: NRS and Sierra Trading Post

More: REI ( and EMS (

Is that a sit-on-top or recreational kayak or a touring yak?

I’ve been happy
with “”. Got our NRS drysuits cheaper than NRS site.

All your input was very helpful for me!!! I checked the various websites and placed online orders with and … they had the best selection and the least size and color restrictions to combine my orders. I spend about $600 buying various outfit options for 2 poeple and feel I saved at least 30 percent if not more on my total order THANK’S TO ALL YOUR INPUT!!!