Cold Temps/Paddle Storage

Is it safe/advisable to store your cabron fiber/fiberglass paddles in garage through the cold canadian winters?

Any long term effects… like them becoming more brittle etc?

Your 2 cents is appreciated.

The best I can say is they’ll probably be fine but others will know for certain. I have a hybrid paddle (carbon shaft with wood blade and grip.) Most of the time it hangs in an unheated enclosed porch. In the winter I bring it into the house. I don’t know if there might be cold/heat expansion differences between the two materials that might affect glues. I’m probably being extra cautious but the paddle wasn’t cheap.

No idea about long term effects. Kayak paddles don’t take up much space. My Werner Cyprus is hung on my den wall, as is my GP. Nice to look at on a cold, snowy day. Fiberglass paddle is stored blades up in a corner inside a closet.

Only boat stored outdoors (where temps can go down to -30F) is my Eddyline Samba. Pulled it off the rack today and it’s fine, except the skeg is balky. Plan to remedy that tomorrow, then tape over it to keep the gunk out.

I have a FG Camano, and a Carbon Bent Kalliste - if that helps this discussion and responses.

Carbon fiber and fiberglass paddles are fine stored at cold temperatures. They may be a bit more brittle and harder to disassemble, but just stored, this is not an issue.