Cold water gloves?

I’m looking for good cold water gloves. Will be paddlin’ Superior when it’s really cold (as opposed to just cold).

I like
NRS hydroskin (thin) gloves under NRS Neoprene Mamba pogies. Your can roll up the pogies to make them shorter or leave them long.

Easy to switch to just gloves if you need to shed heat and you have some warmth if your hands are in the water while maintaining good touch.

… not that I’ve expedition tested this so YMMV.

I like
Campmor Aleutian gloves under Mountain Surf short pogies. Gloves are totally waterproof but the pogies act as a wind break if necessary.

NRS Reactor
NRS Reactor Gloves

Its what we use when doing WW in the Spring (March ApriL)

I use the Griptec neoprene glove from Whites Paddling. Precurved neoprene with excellent grip. For mid winter paddling I use the Whites Pogies for even more protection.

I’ve been using Whites gloves, booties, wetsuits, paddling jackets etc. since 1997 and have always been more than pleased with all of their products.

That being said, I should mention that last year, 2003, I became partially sponsored by Whites with some of their gear before going afte rthe 24-hour paddling world record.

I’d been using their products for 6 years prior to ever being sponsored though. i think they make very good gear at a very fair price. Check them out.

Cheers…Joe O’

Nordic Blues
drygloves all the way. I haven’t found any neo that compares in keeping warm (and DRY!) and still allow flexibility with the fingers.


NRS mittens for cold (for me, thats down to about 35 deg) and then pogies for when it gets really cold or the wind picks up.

NRS Toaster Mitts
Used them all winter and stayed nice and warm. Sometimes too warm and I would switch over to my NRS Paddlers gloves.

Dexterity with the mitts isn’t bad either. I never had a problem gettting my skirt on or off. I will say though that Sing has almost got me convinced about the Nordic Blues. If you go with the Blues get the ones with the conical gasket.—Rich

Yup, Nordic Blues
Don’t leave home without 'em!

Our ocean temps are in the upper 30’s currently and the NB’s are the only thing that will keep my hands warm.

Nordic blues?
I’ll take a look at 'em. Who makes 'em? Thanks!


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The second one down on the dry gloves page - "conical latex seal":

Cut the built in acrylic liner out and use thermax or fleece glove liners separately.


Don’t get Chotas
hard to get on, not very warm, don’t grip well, hard to get off.

Yup. Nordic Blues.
I heard Brian mention them two seasons ago and have been using them ever since. Mine came as a two piece glove with the liners being removable. I have never had a paddling glove that keeps my hands so warm.