Cold water hoods

I have an O’Neill diving hood, very similar to a tuliq hood, that does not provide a good seal around the face. What do you use that seals well around the face, provides neck protection, as well as warmth in cold northeastern waters? Or is there something that seals well that I could use under the O’Neill hood. Thanks

Henderson Ice Cap
For truly low water temperatures, I wear a Henderson Ice Cap under a NRS Mystery Hood.

We just got some of the Reed Aquatherm hoods in ( which look like they’ll be great – Very flexible, but good coverage. Because it fits so well you can also add additional hoods or hats on top.


I use
a 7mm neoprene and titanium hood that I got at the local dive shop. If you get the right size, not much gets in.

They look very good
I just ordered one. Hopefully my ragged neoprene hood can retire.