Cold water paddling gloves?

With fall just around the corner and my drysuit at the ready, I am still without any suitable kayaking gloves for another Wisconsin winter. What is everyone wearing this winter?

Links to your preferred online retailer are much appreciated!

Nordic Blues and the website here

I used them for 1 season and they really keep your hands warm. I also use fleece lined neoprene gloves for about $20 at Sportsman’s Warehouse. They kept me pretty warm in Tahoe’s 39deg water but they wear out quickly.

From Campmor
Aleutian Gloves. They’re expensive, about $30, and they do wear out every season (at least if you use them for blister protection off season), but they’re totally waterproof and you can keep your hand submerged in ice water for about 5 full minutes before feeling any cold at all.

Disclaimer…I don’t paddle in truly frigid weather. Below 32 and I stay home and read.


Toaster mits:

Mamba’s (Pogies)

I have used these at less than 32 degrees. Work well. Can’t beat the pogies, they’re incredibly warm. The only problem with them is that its hard to scratch your nose with them! I usually just use the mittens and take the pogies with me. If the wind kicks up or the temperature drops I put them on.

I use the Bomber Gear Spider Mitt pogies which are awesome when running whitewater in the fall/spring melt. My hands stay warm and I still have contact with my paddle. Unfortunately because I now have switched to a Greenland paddle, I’ll have to learn to use gloves for touring. I personally prefer a bare hand on my paddle so that will be something that I’ll have to overcome this winter.

Rusty, where in Wisconsin are you located?

Sealskinz gloves
They do not provide much warmth but they are the only gloves I’ve tried that are waterproof/windproof AND still have good feel on the paddle. Neoprene, even the thin kind, squirms too much.

I also have a pair of nylon pogies with fleece liner (Kokatat), which I’ve used once or twice. Very warm (as long as your paddle shaft is not metal). But being tethered to the paddle makes me a bit uneasy.

I purchased a pair of neoprene, pre curved water proof gloves. They are very warm, and easy to grasp a paddle. The pre-bent fingers make a big difference.

NRS Reactors
I too recommend the NRS Reactors, which have pre-bent fingers. I have been paddling in the pacific in January and had my hands emerge from the gloves steaming. I think pogies are great too, but like to use my fingers for water, camera, etc.

leak pretty quickly for such an expensive glove.

One of my Sealskinz gloves began leaking after only a few uses. I was disappointed that it happened so quickly, because they are expensive as you stated.

However, the gloves still work better for me than anything else has. I tested the insulation value by putting on the leaky glove and leaving the other hand bare, then putting both hands under cold water. The leaky-gloved hand was still warmer than the bare one, significantly so. Kind of odd, given that the dry Sealskinz are not very warm (found that out by using them for winter mountain biking).

Glacier Gloves

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I've used these exclusively for the past few years. Out here in the Pacific Northwest the ocean rarely gets above 52 degrees, and the Columbia River in the winter hovers just above freezing. Add typical strong winds and you get a wind chill below freezing. Last year I purchased the fleece line pair. Very warm and comfortable. Other neoprene gloves I've used tend to squeeze the circulation out of my fingertips making them painful to use for any extended period of time. The longer sleeve and velcro makes for an almost waterproof fit under a drysuit sleave. The neoprene they use is waterproof.

They also make fishing gloves where the tip of thumb and index finger flip off. This feature could be handy for when you need more dexterity like working a camera.
Here is link to their site.

Glacier gloves

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I'll second roller as it looks like we were posting within 3 minutes of each other. I love mine. Articulated fingers make the difference with neoprene gloves feeling good on a paddle.

Nordic blues rule! OK?!
just junk those liners and get something which will give you better feel. Burp them by making a fist and venting at the gasket, then paddle as usual (thanks Sing).