Cold Water Paddling Hood...w eye glasses?

Just paddled yesterday for first cold paddle. Air 33 water 35deg. Dry suit and NRS Storm neo hood worked awesome. My wife wants to do the same but she wears glasses and we are trying to figure out how to use the Neo hood with eye glasses. She can’t use contact lenses, so we are kind of stuck for the time being.

Any creative words of advice?

thanks much!!


Poke a hole in the neoprene where the glasses bows would go through to fit over her ears. That would also help to keep the glasses from falling off if she ends up in the water. I worked construction during the winter, often in a bucket truck in bad weather, for many years and wore stretch fleece balaclavas under my hardhat. I poked holes in those for my glasses as described and that worked fine.

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Glasses don’t fit in the face opening?

I’ve used a cloth balaclava with knit cap and hood of paddling jacket, if needed, with good success. I also use an anti-fogging spray for my glasses. Also on cold days a neck gaiter is nice to have.

Kokatat Surfskin Helmet Liner, Strap Cap or Bill Cap. Not a diving neoprene balaclava. Nice material next to skin as well as being wind proof so no evaporative cooling. Thin so it fits under sun hat.

I even know where there’s a bunch in stock, and not just in my gear bag. :slight_smile:

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love mine

Protects your neck from GASP REFLEX

Plus the hood on my kokatat drysuit makes any day great.

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I don’t paddle in conditions as cold as what you are, so perhaps my suggestions may not work. But I use the skull cap type products (which @Marshall also suggested) and they work just fine over my glasses. Something like this: Surfskin Strap Cap - Kokatat

One thing I have learned with covid is that neck gators actually do a lot to keep your neck warm, so perhaps you could pair the cap with a gator to fill in the gap some.

I never had a neck gaitor either till now. They work great working outside in construction.

Thank you very much for the great responses. I will pass it on to se what she decides to try.

have a good day!