Cold water wear??

Hi all, I will be getting the new canoe in a few weeks and want to get out and paddle, I have never paddled in the colder weather in cold water so, What do I need to wear, wetsuit? what kind of footwear? etc, etc.

Thanks Tony

A drysuit would be best
Try a search on this subject , it comes up fairly often. For me, I paddle shallower rivers with the bank 10 ft. away max. So I go with a wet suit , neoprene boots,apaddle partner and lots of firestarter. Some may call it foolish, but it works for me. I always carry xtra clothes too.

dry suit with fleece or poly pro
underneath. since i whitewater a neoprene hood under my helmet. Pogies for me,neoprene gloves for you i recommend.

Third the dry suit
I got by for a long time with wetsuit, but in a kayak where I could still enclose my lower body in the boat and a drytop for the exposed part. A wetsuit, once wet, will NOT suffice in wind and you are fully exposed in a canoe. I have come out of the water in a wetsuit from practice and found myself shivering in only moderately cool temps when it was windy.