Cold water

I thought I would just share this with you it's interesting. You can figure how it would affect you in a kayak. Just something to think about

Cold Water Survival
It’s worth waiting for this to down load…

… ans it’s worth watching all the way to the end … especially to see the guy crawl back into the water for a third time to show the effects of hypothermia. Its really good stuff on cold water survival.

I realize that most of us aren’t in any risk of falling through the ice while we are canoeing. But, we could find ourselves in an unplanned immersion in 33-50 degree water without falling through ice. This guy shows you what happens when you are suddenly immersed and shows you what happens as the minutes tick by. There are some good survival tips here!

Also, its worth just marveling that this guy makes a habit of jumping into 33 degree multple times just to show other people how awful it it is!!!

Many of us have taken a run

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at this in a couple of threads. Notice he says that the gasp reflex can kill. Notice that he has access to a body warmer in the ambulance at the end. Not in a position anywhere near to that in most paddling situations I get in. Get hypothermic in a situraion where you have to paddle your way out and.......

Still lots of good advice that anyone should listen to.


Seldom do we find such dedication
to teaching as with this man.