Cold Weather Footwear

Question for y’all! I’m trying to determine what to buy for a type of wet sock, or whatever anyone else would recommend, to help keep my feet warm in 50º water flowing down a creek that I have to walk in. I kayaked to Fancher Falls in TN this past Thursday with my daughter, and we had to walk the creek for a 1/4 mile. The outside temp was in the 70s, so I was in swim trunks and a long sleeve shirt and water shoes (sandals). Before anyone gives me scuff about being in swim trunks in 50º water, the lake getting there was much warmer. I looked at a wet sock, then found reviews that shot it down.

Shoot me some recommendations on both something for wearing in the above situation as well as what you would recommend in the colder temps when a dry suit would be needed. It’s hard enough getting in and out of an Eddyline Fathom in sandals, I can’t imagine wearing boots, but it is what it is. I’m so new to all of this that I’m really scratching my head looking at everything out there.

Wear them with my drysuit or my Troops pants from kokatat. Poly socks when not to cold. Heavy wool when it’s cold. I have two sizes bigger for heavy socks and dry as suit.

How deep is the water ?

Neo booties like from Chota or Northwest River Sports own (
Or higher topped muckluks or diving dry boots from a scuba shop.

Wool socks underneath the dry suit, as with thermal layer for rest of body.

Can’t beat wool socks just make sure wool content is above 75%


I agree that Chota and NRS are both great brands for cold weather paddling footwear. Personally I won’t wear anything with a sole in my canoes so I keep my feet warm with layers of socks and carry shoes separately (in very cold weather I use oversize slippers to get me from car to boat). In your case for your recent situation a pair of lightweight neoprene socks like the 0.5 mm ones from NRS may be all you needed to stay comfy.

I’ve used the Kokoatat Nomad Mukluk for years. Never leaked and keep my feet warm. They are more flexible than many mukluk style boots.

Level6 Shoreline booted have made me spoiled. Enough of a sole for protection but low profile enough to fit comfortably in a kayak. $75


Link to them although I’m set with mine I have.

Pool noddles keeps them from bending when stored and developing a crease.


Wet suit booties would be the obvious choice.
Maybe water shoes with a neoprene sock.
The portaging boots are pretty clunky in a canoe.

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Here you go. They look interesting

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Walking up the creek to the falls got me into knee deep water. The feet didn’t feel so bad after that. :slight_smile: Looking for something to wear with sandals where water will undoubtedly get into, yet help to keep the feet warm, like a wetsock.

But I will also entertain ideas for when I buy a drysuit. Still scratching my head on how those work, layering and all. It’s hard to imagine getting in the cockpit with anymore than swim trunks on, and I’m only 5’8", 170 lbs.

I only just saw the thermal layers on the NRS website. I do like that idea. I’ll look at the Neo booties.

I’ve had wool socks in my hunting drawer for many years since I stopped hunting. Seems to be the one answer to warm feet here. Thanks!

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The NRS Hydroskin 0.5 Socks were what I was considering until I read some reviews. I guess the only way to really be sure is to see what I think of them, and not what some others have to say. You can’t please everybody.

I will be looking into other items when I get this drysuit idea ironed out. As for now, I wear the water sandals for the hard sole as walking on the rocks is too painful for my 68-year-old feet.

Thanks for your input!

How are the soles? Hard or soft? Flexible I like.

On their webpage now! Thanks!

Cockpit size?

If you’re after a waterproof sock, look here. I use these when bicycling and hiking when I know it will get wet but still want to wear lightweight shoes. I’ve also but them on under sandals. You will know your feet are in water based on the temp change, but you won’t get wet. I have gloves made of the same material and for the life of my don’t understand why they are waterproof at the weight and thickness they are.

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They are on sale for $35 as we speak!