cold weather gloves

I just saw the video “Kayaking safety - the essentials” on this web site and was wondering if anyone knows what kind of gloves the kayaker in the video is wearing. They look totally water proof.


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FYI=The question was not, "What kind

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of gloves are best?" The person wanted to know if someone could identify a particular 'brand' used in a video.
Note to RCKRS: It would help, if when watching the video you could note the time frame where you saw the gloves.

cold weather gloves
I’m sorry. I refered everyone to the wrong video. The one I wanted to refer to is on you tube but I don’t know how to enter the web address. It’s called “Forward Paddle Stroke Tutorial” by WoodsWaterEcotours. The gloves the guy is wearing looks like they’re rubber on the outside.

Pretty sure they are these
NRS Toaster Mitts (not five fingers). They are highly water resistant, not 100% waterproof. If you paddle messy like I do, with a good bit hand going into the water over the course of a couple of hours, water may make it inside. But with the fleece lining and the thickness of the neo, that should be OK as long as you are actively generating heat for all but single digit temps.

The outer shell over the top is probably wind-blocking, which is a very useful thing.

Here is the link to the mitts on NRS’s site:

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Second the Toaster Mitts

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I'll add my vote for the NRS Toaster Mitts. I paddle surf ski year round (wet ride), so certainly have tried my fair share of cold weather gear. While pogies are wonderfully warm, I steer clear of them as, in case I come out of the boat, I don't need to pull my hands out to remount.

Up until this year, my 'go to' gloves were the old style Level Six Antifreeze gloves (They changed the grip surface last year, and the new version is nowhere near as good in this area-probably wears better, though, which was an issue with the older style.). I also tried the Kokatat version (absolutely terrible), and also, the Hydroskin 5mm. Titaniums, which are fine in temps above, say, 30 degrees, if a little stiff.

A friend gifted me the Toaster Mitts, and they are wonderful. In 14 degree temps (Then add windchill.), my hands were actually sweating. I might experiment with a silk liner or something to soak up the excess moisture, but here, a positive grip on the wing paddle shaft is important, so we'll see. They fit well-not too much bunching. I usually take an XL, but the large size affords plenty of room. Pulling them on and off requires a little determination, but I'd rather have this than the alternative. Although they don't offer the dexterity of a glove, I was pleasantly surprised how positive they do feel. The control of the paddle is easy, and remounts equally so. Great product. I'm curious to see how they wear, but at this stage, I'd definitely recommend them for anyone wishing to get out in extremely cold temps.

cold weather gloves
Thanks to all the responses. I’ll try the toaster mitts. I’ve tried other gloves but as soon as they get a little wet, I’m done. Poggies are good but if I up set I don’t have much time before I can’t use my hands once they’re wet.


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The mitts are great, +1 on them as well, I have a pair, they work wonders for me in cold weather.

They are NOT fully waterproof though, but...
a) not a lot of water gets in and what does get it is quickly warmed up and does not bother you much
b) you can fix most of the leakage by dabbing Aqauseal on the inside of the seam
c) in case of serious leakage NRS guys are cordial enough to exchange the gloves!

...and yes, my hands sweat in them at around 0 C as well.